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Help for organisations

Registered charities and not-for-profit organisations can apply directly to CSIS Charity Fund for financial support.

To be eligible, your organisation should be wholly or partly devoted to offering assistance to civil and public servants and their families. Examples of eligible bodies might be housing associations, welfare or benevolent funds, and retirement or bereavement support groups.

Our downloadable Grant Giving Policy is a valuable document for potential applicants, giving details of:

For your reference you will also see details of our past grant giving to a wide range of bodies in the Our Finances section on this site which can be seen at a glance here. More than £7.4 million has been given to good causes by the Fund since it was transferred into a new charitable company in 2007.

If you wish to apply for grant aid, contact the Fund’s Secretary, Helen Harris, on 01622 766963 or via info@csischarityfund.org in the first instance.

Our 10th Anniversary Celebration Review may also be of use to potential applicants. As well as containing a breakdown of grants to various sectors in the charity world, it shows the range and scope of our grant giving, and contains heart-warming case studies explaining how our funding has enabled such organisations to improve the lives of individuals.

Among the broad range of charities and organisations we support is our main partner organisation, the Charity for Civil Servants – a relationship which began more than 100 years ago. Find out more about how we support them here.

Below is a list of some of the bodies, both large and small, that we have made grants to in recent years:

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