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Our Grant Giving Policy can be downloaded here. As that shows, our primary focus is on supporting the main public service charities with annual grants. However, we can pay grants to any registered charity or not-for-profit organisation and we are prepared to consider requests to support any project where we can see there will be a clear and direct impact on serving or former or retired civil and public servants in need, hardship and distress, whatever the cause. Please note, however, that our funds are limited and our strong preference is to support organisations that do not have access to other substantial sources of income, where we know a small, one-off grant can make a real difference.

For us to be able to give you a grant, your organisation must be clearly wholly or partly devoted to offering assistance to civil and public servants and their families or to be running projects where you can satisfy us that the beneficiaries are highly likely to include civil and public servants in need, hardship and distress (for example, projects tackling stress and mental health problems in areas where large numbers of civil and public servants are known to live and work).

If you are a small charity which has been set up specifically to help serving or retired public service employees we may not have heard of you. If you would like us to consider making one off donation to help you achieve a specific outcome we are happy to do that. However, you will need to make an application through our normal processes

Our downloadable Grant Giving Policy gives useful information about:

By way of background, you can see details of our past grant giving to a wide range of bodies in the Trustees ' Reports and Accounts which are available to download from the "Our Finances" section on this site which can be accessed by clicking here. There is also information on the "Grants: Facts, Figures and Our Policy" page in the section "More About Us".

Our 10th Anniversary Celebration Review may also provide a useful guide to the sort of organisations and projects we have funded in the past. As well as containing a breakdown of grants to various sectors in the charity world, it shows the range and scope of our grant giving, and contains heart-warming case studies explaining how our funding has enabled such organisations to improve the lives of individuals.

If you wish to apply for a grant you will need to fill in an application form. Please contact the Charity Fund's Secretary, Kevin Holliday, on secretary@csischarityfund.org in the first instance.

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