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Our aims and work

CSIS Charity Fund is a highly focused organisation with the welfare of former, retired and serving civil and public servants at its heart.

Who constitutes a civil or public servant has a wide interpretation in the charity’s Objects. Those who may benefit from our help include:

  • Employees of government departments
  • Government agencies and non-departmental public bodies
  • The forces
  • The NHS
  • Teachers
  • Local government employees
  • Railway workers
  • Privatised bodies that were formerly part of the civil service such as BT and the Post Office, whose pensioners were civil servants when they were working

NHS Retirement Fellowship Members

Our Trustees are tasked with the job of putting the trading surplus of the Civil Service Insurance Society to good use by giving grants for the benefit of people like those outlined above.

The bodies that receive our grants are chosen specifically because of their commitment to helping people from our target group and their dependants during times of financial hardship, distress or personal loss. They may take action by setting up time-limited programmes or community projects, or by helping individuals more directly with financial/emotional support.

Our main partner, to whom we make an annual, unrestricted grant, is the Charity for Civil Servants. It exists to provide practical, personal support and advice to more than 4 million people who have worked or work in qualifying civil service roles.

As well as our regular grant – usually in the order of £250,000 – the Fund has made additional donations to the Charity for Civil Servants for special projects.

We, too, benefit from the expertise of the Charity for Civil Servants, which helps us by visiting a small number of widows of deceased CSIS policyholders to assess their needs and advise us on the best way to support them.

Our Annual Reports set out the range of our grant giving, while our 10th Anniversary Celebration Review shows the impact of the Charity Fund's grant giving resulting from the donations received from the Civil Service Insurance Society. These can be downloaded here and here.

For ease of reading, some key facts and figures around our grant giving are set out separately, which can also be downloaded here.

For a list of charities and not-for-profit groups we have helped over the years, visit our ‘Help for organisations’ page here. In 2017, we made grants totalling nearly £1 million, of which £21,500 was paid to the widows of CSIS policyholders and the remainder went to 31 different charities around the UK.

Among the largest grants were:

Alternatively, you can click on the names below for a snapshot of the important work some of the organisations we have supported are able to carry out as a result of our help.

Education Support Partnership (formerly Teacher Support Network)
Education Support is the only charity the CSIS Charity Fund supports which looks after the teaching profession. A grant of £60,000 was made in order to help it meet the increasing demand for its services, boosting the Welfare Grants Programme and Training & Development Fund.

Rowland Hill Fund
£50,000 was awarded in 2017 to enable the charity to continue to assist Royal Mail and Post Office employees, pensioners and their dependents in times of financial struggle. Help is given towards rent, mortgage and utility bill arrears, disability aids, home modifications, hospital travelling expenses, funeral expenses, white goods and heating/boiler repairs.

BT Benevolent Fund
The Charity Fund's £60,000 grant supports both one-off and regular (weekly) grants, including those generated by the Pensioner Contact programme and made under the Care in the Home policy. The aim is to be able to assist retired BT employees and their dependants experiencing hardship. The Fund has a potential beneficiary base of a million people.

The Charity for Civil Servants
The charity received a £250,000 donation from us in 2017, making CSIS Charity Fund its largest single donor. With up to four million serving, former and retired civil servants eligible for the charity's help, individuals can apply for assistance when they are struggling with problems arising from job loss, disabilities, low incomes, caring responsibilities and so on. We have a long standing relationship with the charity, sometimes augmenting our regular grant giving with separate funds to help new initiatives and receive regular reports on the impact of our funding. More information is available from their web site.

MOD FAB Activity Holidays for Bereaved Service Families
Family Activity Breaks (FAB) has been supported by the Charity Fund since 2008 and in 2017 was awarded £30,000 to continue providing bereaved military families with activity-based holidays in an adventurous but caring environment. This provides opportunities for families to meet others going through the same experience, share time with them and receive peer support. Feedback from the families continues to confirm that the holidays meet a real need and make a huge difference to those involved.

Hospice UK
Through Hospice UK we have been able to help hospices that have a lower profile and have not been so well supported by the general public. A grant of £50,000 was made in 2017 to help fund individual projects in hospices focusing on carers, with Hospice UK making grant awards to UK hospices of between £5,000 and £10,000 depending on the project .

Civil Service Retirement Fellowship
A £15,000 grant was agreed to fund the expansion of CSRF's befriending services to help promote, train and deliver the National Visitors Network to BT Benevolent Fund's beneficiaries.

Post Office Orphans Benevolent Institution (POOBI)
A grant of £30,000 was made to help fund POOBI's University bursary and rising stars schemes, improvements to the POOBI website and bursary awards application process and activities to improve awareness and deepen its national reach.

Railway Benefit Fund (RBF)
The RBF provides direct support, information, advice and guidance to current and former rail employees in hardship. The Charity Fund's grant of £40,000 in 2017 provided financial support, advice and guidance and enabled RBF to develop its non-financial support services, in particular its offer to those currently employed in the Rail Industry.

Even More Beneficiaries

Canterbury Oast Trust
The Trust was established in 1985 to give adults with learning difficulties a better future. The Fund's £20,000 grant in 2017 was a contribution towards the build costs for a new Skills Academy. The plan is to build the new facility within the charity's farm at the Rare Breeds Centre, which will be nearly three times the size of the existing facility.

NHS Retirement Fellowship
The Fellowship gives retired NHS staff and their partners the chance to meet and make contact with others like them. The £27,000 grant made in 2017 will help fund a project officer, help the development of its Social Care project and support improvements to its web site to increase its visibility.

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